Since its foundation in 1980 as representative of Far East based companies MECHATRONIC established a long-term relationship to its customers in Europe as well as to its partners in Asia. Electromechanical parts such as switches, encoders, connectors, potentiometers still are the major products which MECHATRONIC supports. A well sorted stock of smaller quantities and sample products enables us to offer quick solutions for many technical questions appearing in our daily contacts with our customers.

The flexibility of our manufacturing partners allows us to modify many of the standard products and to make them according to the specification of our customers. Our experience in searching for the right product for the appropriate application of our customers helps to save time and enhances the efficiency of our business partners.

New technologies and the changes in major market branches led to new activities in TELECOM and AUTOMOTIVE-Applications. Custom made products such as LCD-Modules (DIPLAYTECH) Coils (SUMIDA) and Integrated Control Blocks (NOBLE Teikoku Tsushin) for telephone, cars and audio applications are today's and also future oriented products. In co-operation with a local engineering office we offer engineering support in mechanical and electronic design including prototyping.

Short-term delivery is one of the main requests of customers who ask for products of our distribution oriented product-lines. Connectors like D-SUB (TYCO) DIN41612, PC104 (EPT) as well as relays from TYCO (mostly the old SIEMENS types) are generally requested products in our daily business.

Already in 1997 MECHATRONIC decided to install a Home-Page in the internet. Our intention to offer an "on-line order system" has been rejected due to weak acceptance of such systems in our customer base and extreme changes within the internet industry. We now have the impression that the WEB is even more used as information medium than for directly placing orders. We will follow up on this idea and continue to offer the best support to all our clients.

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